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Trusted guidance is the most critical element to making a sound real estate decision – it’s not only one of the most important investment decisions you’ll ever make, but one that shapes the environment of your life for years to come.

Educate | Support | Invest
Of course it's best to have all the relevant information before making a big decision, but it’s not always easy to find a clear signal through the noise. My goal is to provide this signal for my clients. Personally, I value transparency and working with professionals who have my best interest in mind, so my focus is to ensure these come first in my approach. I really enjoy sharing the wealth of information I’ve garnered over the years with the home buyers and sellers I work with (for a while I thought I’d become a school teacher, but that’s another story). My aim is to invest time with my clients in a such a way that they feel comfortable and supported, so that when the time is right they can make an informed, confident decision. And as a trusted guide in all things home services, I’m always available for ongoing support.
When I’m not opening doors I'm…
• DIY-ing around my house, preferably with power tools
• Seeing live music
• Volunteering with Providence hospice care
• Writing—emphasis on limericks
• Snowboarding, hiking, camping (and campfires!)
• Landlording

What I’m known for
I’ve been a die-hard music fan for my entire life. I love live music, playing guitar, collecting strange instruments from my travels around the globe (ever heard of a Rawanhattha? Kora? Bouzouki?) and discovering new music to share via my monthly playlist.

Are we a good fit?
Certified Real Estate Analyst (CREA) | REALTOR | Multi-Family Investor |7 Years in Real Estate | 100+ Homes Sold | Providence Hospice Care Volunteer |
I was always told if you can’t say it best yourself, find someone else to say it for you…
“Chris is an outstanding agent. Buying my first home was a dream I had but as a single person in the Seattle area it was extremely intimidating. I had no idea where to start. Chris helped me understand every step of the process so I felt confident in my decisions along the way. He gave great recommendations on lenders to get me started. He knows the Seattle area incredibly well. He knew the right things to do to make my offers more competitive in this market. He looked at countless homes with me and was able to identify and understand possible unforeseen costs down the line. I ended up getting a home that I absolutely adore, in my desired neighborhood and in my price range. And since my home purchase Chris has continued to be a source of support, information and guidance. He’s smart, funny, and a calming presence throughout the home buying process. If you are ready to buy or even just curious about buying, don’t hesitate to call him!” – A. Hudson
I’m here to guide you to your next home. Please feel free to call or email when you're ready to start the conversation!

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